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We will discuss your requirements in depth to ensure that we are able to offer suitable vacancies to help progress your career. Our service to you is free of charge and is strictly confidential. We place candidates in roles that they thrive in, guaranteeing that you will benefit just as much as our clients. By registering with us you will have immediate access to some of the best opportunities in the catering industry.

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We want to ensure that you experience a service that is above your expectations. We ensure you are provided with all the information and job details prior to interview. After interviews we will give you honest feedback.

Interview Tips
The better briefed you are, the less nervous you will appear - allowing the real you to shine through.

- Prior to the interview you should ensure that you have the exact job specification for the role you are applying for.

- Familiarise yourself with your CV, as this may well be the basis for some of the questions asked.

- Make sure you are confident about the location of the interview and leave plenty of time to find it. If you can, do a dummy run the day before at a similar time, to give you an idea of how long the journey takes.

- Prior to the interview familiarise yourself with the names of the interviewers and the structure of the interview process.

In the interview
- Your entrance is very important. You have the first minute to make a good impression. Be aware of your body posture, stand up straight and greet everyone present, repeating their name to be sure you have not misheard.

- Sit comfortably in your seat and use positive eye contact equally amongst the panel as much as possible.

- You should be prepared for any question with a positive statement and try not to say anything negative - even about your previous employer. "I can't", " I won't" or "I've never" are bad phrases with which to start a sentence.

- Take a few seconds to think before you answer any question - this may make all the difference.

- The best way to impress an employer is to show your knowledge of the company

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If you recommend a candidate to register with Caterek who subsequently gets placed by Caterek you will receive a £50 voucher, just make sure they mention you when registering.